Firm Profile

Hou de Sousa is an architecture studio experienced in designing and managing the construction of private residences and commercial projects. Previous built work has extended beyond the discipline of architecture, and often incorporated brand identity, furniture, website, and graphic design. Projects such as Dim Sum Bar and Happy Panda were completed through the design/build method, in which Hou de Sousa managed the responsibilities of both architect and contractor.

Our office strives to produce innovative, culturally and environmentally responsible structures. In general, we are unconcerned with pushing a given style or agenda. We begin each new project with in-depth research. This analysis phase streamlines the design and construction that follows, allowing us to maximize the potentials of budget, space, time, and aesthetics. We view the constraints and factors unique to each project as opportunities to produce innovative yet site specific work. We strongly believe in collaborating closely with our clients so as to arrive at solutions that best meet their specific needs and identities.